We Develop, License, and Acquire Disruptive Businesses Focused on Innovative Technology, Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Web3, ClimateTech, and Specialty-Branded Products within very Large B2B & DTC Global Markets.

Our Companies


Meet CarbonCred, our innovative carbon offsetting platform that empowers businesses, families, and consumers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint quickly and easily by purchasing carbon offsets that support a variety of verified carbon offsetting projects via monthly subscription plans.


Meet Helio, a CeFi aggregator. Helio finds out your exact crypto loan requirements, across various currencies, interest rates and loan terms, and shops around multiple lenders to find the best fit. Helio does not hold crypto nor provide direct lending from our own account. However, Helio strictly acts as a referral partner to our lending panel and receives a fee for referring parties to direct lenders.


Meet Randombly, a platform offering users the ability to mint a wide range of digital art and collectibles into NFT’s, including images, audio, 3D art, videos, crates, bundles and more. Utilizing Ethereum and the ERC-721 Non-Fungible and ERC1155 Multi-Fungible Token Standard smart contracts, enabling artists, investors, collectors, and publishers to mint, auction, and house their digital art, all in one place.

Immortals Group

Meet Immortals Group, a consultancy who works with IP owners to design, produce, market, and sell unique collections of NFTs including the development of NFT roadmaps & white papers, with NFT utility as well as building of the community designed to establish the brand/IP with a robust secondary market.

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